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Ocean Lover Brand Ambassador Program _ Swordy Moon Marine Quality Bags


Swordy Moon Ambassador Program _ Swordy Moon Marine Bags

Our Ambassador Program:
A community of ocean loving adventurers

Swordy Moon Bags are made for travelers on the ocean and those with their toes in the sand.  Our mission is to foster a community of individuals who share a passion for the ocean and encourage outdoor living, responsible fishing, sailing, boating, surfing, and ocean conservation efforts. Swordy Moon bags are craftsman made, 100% Floridian.


We want to work with amazing influencers who are working to keep people active and who share the love of the ocean with us.


We are building a community of surfers, divers, sailors, anglers, travelers, and ocean conservationists. Brand Ambassadors who start the journey with us become a part of our adventurer family. We will support our ambassadors with coaching, tips and events that will help them grow as they support our mission to live on the ocean. As our company grows, our community will grow and flourish and the rewards will grow.

Swordy Moon Ambassador Program | Swordy Moon Marine Bags


Complete the application and we will be in touch.

Once you complete your first monthly deliverable - we will reward you with a brand ambassador exclusive gift package!

Swordy Moon Ambassador Program _ Swordy Moon Marine Bags

Get Rewarded

Successful completion of our pre-launch promotion program lets you earn a super special rewards code. Anyone using your rewards code will get special promotional pricing and you will get a commission!

Swordy Moon Ambassador Program _ Swordy Moon Marine Bags

Get Involved

Post photos and videos with your new Swordy Moon bag on your socials and let the world know that we will be launching our brand soon!

Get involved online or at the many events we will be participating in in Florida such as beach cleanups and fishing competitions

Swordy Moon Ambassador Program _ Swordy Moon Marine Bags


We will be hosting a launch party and as our brand ambassador you will be front and center. We're excited to be sharing our amazing marine bags with the world.

Swordy Moon Ambassador Program _ Swordy Moon Marine Bags

Get Featured

We want to share your story and your love of the ocean with our audience. We will interview you for our blog and promote your brand on our socials too.

+Plus: we will introduce you to our influencer community!

Swordy Moon Ambassador Program _ Swordy Moon Marine Bags

Lifelong Adventure

Our bags are made to last for years and so are our relationships. As our brand grows the rewards and opportunities will grow with it.


Swordy Moon is looking for individuals who are authentic, passionate, and committed to an active lifestyle outdoors and ocean activities. Ambassadors should reside in Florida and have an active social media presence with a genuine interest in the ocean, beach, and coastal lifestyle.

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Ask yourself these questions to see if you qualify

  • Are you posting weekly content that relates to ocean living, beach activities, water-sports, ocean travel,  conservation or marine life on at least 1 social media platform?

  • Are you involved in live surf, sand, and sun events like beach cleanups, fishing tournaments, sunset yoga, or have a beach-side art/music/photo studio?

  • Would you be a person who would buy a Swordy Moon bag for yourself or your friends and family?

  • Do you have at least 2,500 followers on Instagram? Or 500+ views per video on TikTok?

  • Do you have an engagement rate of 2% or higher? (Read how to calculate here)

  • Are you over 18 years old?

  • Is your content family friendly?

  • Are you a resident of Florida or traveling in and around Florida frequently?

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