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Introducing Swordy Moon's New Brand Ambassador Program: A Chance to Join a Community of Ocean Lovers

Swordy Moon Bags are made for travelers on the ocean and those with their toes in the sand. We are 100% Floridian - manufacturing unique and sea-worthy bags and accessories for people who boat, fish, beach, swim, surf, and travel. Our mission is to foster a community of individuals who share a passion for the ocean and promote living an active lifestyle on the water.

To further strengthen our community, Swordy Moon has launched a brand ambassador program. This program invites ocean lovers in Florida to become official representatives of the brand. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to collaborate with the Swordy Moon team and get access to exclusive perks and events.

How does the Swordy Moon Brand Ambassador Program work?


Swordy Moon Ambassador Program Steps: Apply, Get involved, Get Featured, Get Rewarded, Participate in our Launch, and Join us on a Lifelong adventure. Shells and Fish illustrations in the background.

After applying through the brand's website, selected ambassadors will be given a unique referral code to share with their followers. Every time someone makes a purchase using this code, the ambassadors will earn a commission. Our ambassadors will be interviewed for our blog, create content featuring our products, and represent our brand at local events such as beach cleanups, fishing competitions and more.

In return, Swordy Moon's brand ambassadors will enjoy many rewards, including early access to new products, discounts on purchases, free merchandise, commission on sales from their unique promotion code and the opportunity to build their personal brand alongside a passionate community.

Who Should Apply to be a Swordy Moon Ambassador?

Swordy Moon is looking for individuals who are authentic, passionate, and committed to ocean preservation and an active lifestyle outdoors. Candidates should reside in Florida and have an active social media presence with a genuine interest in the ocean, beach, and coastal lifestyle. Here are a few examples of Ambassadors we're looking for

  • Sailing Couples

  • Anglers and Fishing Charters

  • Marine Artists

  • Underwater Photographers

  • Surfers and Surfing Instructors

  • Sand Artists

  • Beach Yoga Instructors

  • Boaters and Boat Builders

  • Florida and Caribbean Travel Writers and Photographers

  • Beach fashion trend-setters

  • Ocean and Marine Life Conservationists and Educators

To apply, interested candidates should visit our Ambassador Program Page and fill out the application form. Applicants should highlight their experience with the ocean, why they love Swordy Moon, and how they could contribute to the brand.

Swordy Moon's new brand ambassador program is a unique opportunity to join a community of ocean lovers, represent a brand with a meaningful mission, and receive exclusive perks along the way. Floridians who align with Swordy Moon's values and love for the ocean are encouraged to apply .

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